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Kelly Swan Taylor

My Story

Kelly Swan Taylor is the author of the popular young adult (YA) novels Frozen in Time and The Winning Ingredient as well as the sleuthy middle grade (MG) series The Wright Detective. When she’s not concocting unique recipes in her kitchen or hovering over her keyboard, this attorney and former laboratory scientist spends her time as a competitive runner. With experience racing from sun-drenched Hawaii to frigid Iceland, her fi rst publishing credit was in Simon & Schuster’s best-selling book series, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Running for Good. Growing up immersed in beloved “Teen” novels, Kelly now crafts her own sweet stories that bridge the often-forgotten gap between MG and YA fiction. In fact, she is so passionate about bridging this gap that she founded the imprint Link Press, dedicated to bringing these stories back to young readers. She has a soft spot for the sincere yet fl awed character, who tries to do the right thing, stumbles along the way, but eventually becomes a hero in everyday life. Kelly lives in Providence, Rhode Island with her architect husband, Jonathan, and her spirit animal and trusted kitty, Otto.  

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